You have the product. We have the violin bow, we make it vibrate and resonate by packaging it properly.


There is no other option than to conclude the concert audience cheers. Making sure the finish to be executed at the highest level, the details are carefully processed and verified whenever needed to ensure the quality of the product we deliver.


We are the first violin in print, we impose rhythm. Thus we keep the height of all expectations. Perfection and creativity must remain ingrained in the mind of the public, performant equipments, carefully checked at every stage, devoted people that do not allow mistakes and the highest quality materials, this is our formula for orchestrating a concert.

Offset printing

Maximum printable area: 520 mm X 720 mm

Paper thickness: 40 – 550 gr/sqm

Colors: CMYK + Pantone + Coating

Flexo printing

Maximum printing width: 450 mm

Suport thickness: 20 – 400 μ

Number of colors: 6

Ink types: UV + Water Based

Screen printing

Maximum printable area: 500 mm X 700 mm

Suport thickness: 80 – 550 gr/sqm

Ink types: Plastisol + Water Based + UV


We understand that the most important thing is to empathize with people, therefore our team of designers focus their attention on the representation of our customers in an optimum manner for their beneficiaries. Everything has to come out perfect. All details are checked and sorted, we are ready for the most pretentious customers.